25 Aug, 15 Our Policy on MMR (Measles-Mumps-Rubella) Vaccine


Measles can be a severe, debilitating, and even deadly illness for children.  It is also highly contagious.  At Rainbow Pediatrics, we care for many patients, who, because of prematurity, immune system problems, or the inability to be vaccinated due to young age, are at high risk for severe consequences of the measles infection.  These patients often have frequent visits at Rainbow Pediatrics, potentially increasing their risk of exposure.

In order to protect all of our patients, including the most vulnerable, the physicians at Rainbow Pediatrics have determined that we must require vaccination against the measles virus.  To join our practice, and to remain in our practice if you already belong, children must recieve the MMR vaccine unless it is medically contraindicated, or a religious exempton, in which case, we would require a letter from you church.

The MMR vaccine is extremely effective and well-tolerated, and we are confident in the safety of this vaccine for your child.  However, we understand if you have concerns or questions regarding this new requirement, and we welcome you to call or schedule an appointment if you would like to discuss it further.

We thank you for your understanding and willingness to help protect both your child, and the most vulnerable members of our practice from this dangerous illness. 

14 Oct, 13 Medical Ear Piercing

Rainbow Pediatrics wants to help you make safe decisions when it coms to your little ones and older children alike.  We often treat infected ear lobes on patients who get their ears pierced elsewhere.  That's why we are now offering Medical Ear Piercing - a sterile procedure that minimizes risk of infection.  This method of piercing ears uses only titanium and medical plastic to avoid nickel allergy or irritation.  Does your child want their ears pierced?  Who more would you trust to pierce their ears than your pediatrician!  Call us today for more information or to make an appointment - 388-1338.

01 May, 13 Immunization Resources

Immunization information and resources are be located under the Current Patients tab, located on the bottom left-hand side of the page.  

15 Jan, 13 Child and Adolescent Health Library

Please be sure to check out the Child & Adolescent Health Library tab on the bottom right hand side of the webpage. This page contains a wealth of information regarding common complaints and health and wellness issues.

14 Nov, 12 Vermont Department of Health - Health and Safety Alerts, Advisories & Recalls

Click the link below to access the Vermont Department of Health's Health and Safety Alerts, Advisories & Recalls webpage.  Here you will find up to date information regarding health alerts and advisories, food safety, and product recalls.


16 Jun, 12 Patient Centered Medical Home

We have now become a Level III Patient Centered Medical Home. This is the highest level Medical Home recognized by the State of Vermont and the US Government. Being a Patient Centered Medical Home will help us add services to our practice and also allow better access to the services available in the community for our patients and their families. Stay tuned for more details.